Add-Ons > Using Internet Explorer Toolbars

You can use most of the Internet Explorer Toolbars in Lunascape with Trident engine. 

In order to get Internet Explorer Toolbars, please make sure your rendering engine is set for Trident to search for a toolbar.


From Tool Bar

We use Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer as an example to explain the steps here.

  1. Make sure your rendering engine is set for Trident in Lunascape
  2. Go to the Google Toolbar download page by searching for it or a direct link from here
  3. After successfully installed it, go to Tool > Toolbars to select the Google ToolbarCheckmark.png Check mark means it is being displayed in Lunascape.

  4. Google Toolbar is now added to the toolbar. It's that simple.

You can take similar steps to for IE add-ons that are made for Sidebar use.