Favorites > Adding New Favorites

Adding New Favorites

You can make new favorites by the following ways.

From Menu bar, Toolbar or Sidebar

  1. Open a site where you want to set as Favorite
  2. Select Favorites_AddIcon.png Add Favorites... from Favorites on Menu bar, Toolbar, or Sidebar
  3. Select a folder where you want to save the favorites
  4. Click Ok
  5. Edit the details of your favorites and click OK


    • Title: The title of the favorites
    • URL: The URL of the favorites
    • Rating: Best, Good, Normal (default), Bad, Worst
    • Sort Order: No selection available (default)
    • Comment : Blank (default). You can make comment on the favorites
    ※ See Favorites Properties for more details

From Right-Click Menu

You can also add a particular site to Favorites from a right-click menu on a tab.