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Importing Favorites from an HTML File

There are no direct way to import a Favorites list in HTML file to Lunascape, but there is a workaround to it.

Work around: Importing a Favorites list in HTML format into Lunascape (Trident)

※Please note this is a workaround and not officially supported feature of Lunascape.

  1. Drag and drop a HTML file into an active page in Lunascape
    --> Make sure the favorites links in the HTML file are displayed in the page.
  2. Go to Help > Other Commands > Tool > Link Extraction > Advanced Link Extraction (Trident)...
  3. Uncheck the Domain check box under "Advanced Options"
  4. Click Extract Links to Temporary Tree
  5. Go to Edit > Sidebars > Temporary
  6. Right-Click on Temporary tab and select floating
  7. Drag and drop the extracted html folder to Favorites in Sidebars