Favorites > Restoring Favorites from a Backup File

Restoring Favorites from a Backup File

Locating the Backup Files

The backup file can be located from the Menu bar.

  1. Go to File > User Profiles > Open Folder
  2. You'll see the following folders. Click the Profile folder.
  3. Click the Favorites folder to see Favorites backup files.

The definitions of two files for favorite backing up process are as follows

  • default.ld2: Favorites data which is currently used in Lunascape.
  • default.ld2.bak: Backup file that is copied from the default.ld2 when the program is last closed.

Restoring the Backup Files

Follow steps below to restore the Favorites.


  1. Open the Favorite folder (see instructions above)
  2. Change the file name of <default.ld2> and save
  3. Change the file name of <default.ld2.bak> to <default.ld2> and save

At the next startup of Lunascape, the backup file will be used for the Favorites.