Installation or update failed. Now what?

There are a few major reasons why the installation or update has been failed.

  1. No admin privilege
  2. Security software is preventing the installation or update

1. No Admin Privilege

There is a privilege called admin in Windows OS, who holds all the controls over Windows. Besides admin, you can create a user(s) who has limited privilege on Windows OS control.

If you have failed to install or update Lunascape, you can think of the situation such as...

  • At work, they control who can install software into the computer
  • At home, other users who're sharing the computer has set a control who can install software into the computer 

If this is a case, please contact your system administrator to grant you an admin privilege or log in as an admin to proceed the installation/updates.

Installing Lunascape without Admin Privilege:


Lunascape version 6 offers a feature called "Portable Installation," which allows users without admin privilege to install Lunascape.

For more details.

※NOTE: You'll need to specify the folder to save data when you've changed its default directory.


2. Security Software is Preventing the Installation or Update

There are some cases that security software interferes Lunascape installation or update. If this happens to you, please disable the security software while attempting the installation/update.


If you continue experiencing difficulties installing or updating Lunascape, please create a post on the Lunascape Support Forum to further obtain a help from Lunascape Employees or other Lunascape users.