Mouse Gestures

Mouse Gestures

Mouse Gesture is a technology that allows you to execute a menu command by simply moving the mouse. While clicking the right-button, move your mouse to certain directions and the corresponding command will be executed when releasing the right-button.

In a simple language... you don't need to go to the menu bar to navigate! This will be a time saver once you get used to it.


Basic / Default Mouse Gestures

Lunascape has several Mouse Gesture functions by default.

  • Right-Click + Left: Return to previous page
  • Right-Click + Right: Go to next page
  • Right-Click + Down + Left: Minimize Lunascape
  • Right-Click + Down: Close current tab

In order to use Mouse Gesture, make sure to enabled it at LS_Settings.pngLunascape Settings > Mouse Action > Mouse Gesture.

You can also set your own Mouse Gestures. See Adding Mouse Gestures.