Rendering Engine > Understanding the Current Engine in Use

rendering engine icon, which is placed in the left bottom corner of Lunascape browser, shows which engine you are currently using for an active page (tab). You can also tell from the address bar, with Lunascape v6.1.1.

  • TridentIcon.png Trident:
    • Trident is the engine behind the popular Internet Explorer®. Although it's one of the most popular web browsers and covers the largest number of websites, its relatively slow rendering speed is a known drawback.
  • GeckoIcon.png Gecko:
    • The Gecko engine is recommended as one of the most famous open-source products for frequent users of Gecko add-ons and web applications such as webmail based on complex JavaScript. Lunascape has the latest version of the Gecko engine, which has even further individual customization capability, improved functions, faster JavaScript operating speed, and is easier to use.
  • WebkitIcon.png Webkit:
    • WebKit is a rendering engine that has gained lots of buzz recently. While it's open-source and enables speedy Web surfing, it is supported by fewer websites.