Shortcut Key

You can use various shortcut keys with Lunascape. For example, press simultaneously Ctrl+N will open a new tab.

Here is a list of current default shortcuts settings. You can also re-assign shortcut keys however you'd like.

Default Shortcut Key Settings

  • File:
File Shortcut
New Tab Ctrl+N, Ctrl+T
Open Ctrl+O
Close Ctrl+W
Favorites File Save Ctrl+S
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S
Print Ctrl+P
Print Preview Ctrl+Shift+P


  • Edit:
Edit Shortcut
Undo Ctrl+Z
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Select All Ctrl+A
Item Delete Delete
Details F4
Search Display Search Dialog Ctrl+F
Search with word from Search Bar F3
Search Web with selected word Ctrl+Shift+F
Open selected URL Ctrl+Shift+D


  • View:
View Shortcut
Sidebar Favorite Tree Alt+1
Favorite List Alt+2
Settings Tree Alt+4
Infoview Alt+3
Page Previous page Alt+←
Next page Alt+→
Page in upper directory Alt+Up
Go to homepage Alt+Home
Stop Stop Esc
Stop All Shift+Esc
Refresh Refresh(Normal) Ctrl+R, F5
Refresh All Shift+F5
Text Size Largest Ctrl+5
Larger Ctrl+4
Medium Ctrl+3
Smaller Ctrl+2
Smallest Ctrl+1
Fullscreen Ctrl+Shift+A, F11


  • Favorites:
Favorites Shortcut
Add to Favorites Ctrl+D, Ctl+G


  • Security:
Security Shortcut
Block Page Block current page (by URL) Ctrl+Shift+X
Block current page (by Title) Ctrl+Shift+T


  • Tools:
Tools Shortcuts
Startup Add to Startup Ctrl+Shift+Z
Startup View source code Ctrl+U
Extract link information Extract link information for analysis Ctrl+U


  • Window:
Window Shotcuts
Add Tab Action by Default Ctrl+N
Close Tab Close Tab Ctrl+D Ctrl+W
Close All Tabs Ctrl+Shift+W
Close Other Tabs Ctrl+Q
Move Tab Display Tab at Right Ctrl+Right Ctrl+Tab
Display Tab at Left Ctrl+Right Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Move Tab to Right Shift+Alt+Right
Move Tab to Left Shift+Alt+Left
Tab Lock F10
Both Lock F12
Find in page Ctrl+F
Task Tray F9


  • Other:
Other Shortcut
Focus on Search bar Ctrl+E