Shortcut Key > Assigning/Removing a Shortcut Key

Assigning/Removing a Shortcut Key

We will walk you through how to assign a new shortcut key by using an example of assigning Ctrl+Alt+P to "Print Preview" function.

  1. Right-click on an empty Menu bar area and select Customize...

  2. Go to Shortcut Keys in the Customize window
  3. Select Print Preview commands from the pull-down menu

  4. A shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+P is already assigned to the Print Preview.. command. Select the shortcut key in the Current field (Ctrl+Shift+P) and click Remove
  5. Click the Press New Shortcut Key field to set a focus on and press Ctrl+Alt+P. Make sure Ctrl+Alt+P is not assigned to any command.

  6. Click Assign

※When entering a key combination that is already assigned to a command, you'll see the command in the Assigned to: field. In this case, please enter another key combination or remove the associated command to the key and try again.