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Customizing Status Bar Features

You can easily control some of the Status Bar features by adjusting their status. Hover over your mouse to each icon to see what each icon indicates.

Understanding Each Icons

Go to Sidebar_Settings.pngSettings in Sidebar and click Status bar folder to view a list of Status Bar features you have.


  • Popup [Enable/Disable]
    • Click to Stop/Resume the Popinfo notification. See more details on What is Popup?.
  • Work Offline [Online Status]
    • Switch's between online and offline status.
  • Show Images [On/Off]
    • Click to enable/disable displaying of images.
  • Play Video [On/Off]
    • Click to enable/disable playing of video
  • Play Sound [On/Off]
    • Click to enable/disable playing of sounds.
  • Execute Script [On/Off]
    • Click to enable/disable executing of script as JavaScript.
  • Execute Java [On/Off]
    • Click to enable/disable Java.
  • Allow ActiveX Download [On/Off]
    • Click to authorize/block ActiveX download.
  • Allow ActiveX Execution [On/Off]
    • Click to authorize/block ActiveX execution.
  • Security
    • Becomes active when the current page is using SSL. Clicking on it will show the page properties.
  • Privacy Report
    • When this mark is active, clicking on it will show the "Privacy Report" dialog. This dialog contains information about Cookies, and contents related to the current page.
  • Maximize/Minimize
    • By clicking the magnifying glass icon, the page zoom scale will appear. You can change this scale as you like to zoom in and out.