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The Toolbars are displayed in the top part of the browser. It contains menus, functions, search, etc - basically all you need with browsing.

What makes Lunascape interesting and insanely customizable is that our Toolbars consists of various module bars.

You can ...


  • Menu Bar: shows menu, a set of commands that can be executed in the browser.
  • Browser Bar: contains basic commands such as "Back" and "Forward".
  • Address Bar: shows the URL of the currently active tab. Entering another URL will navigate to it.
  • Search Bar: has the search box where you can search the web by keywords or phrases. You can change search engines as you wish.
  • Quick Menu: has a set of commands such as, menu bar, switch design, view, etc.
  • Link Bar: contains folders, links or RSS registered as favorites. Clicking on them will display their contents.
  • Feed Bar: gathers RSS feed from blog and others by category for easy access.
  • Settings Bar: contains item from the Settings commands, such as design and proxy.
  • Submenu Bar: contains many more functional icons such as "print". 

You can also customize Toolbars settings, such as...