Understanding Right-Click Menus > Right-Click Menu on a Tab

Right-Click Menu on a Tab

The table below shows a list of commands available from the right-click menu on a tab.

No Command Description
 1 Add to Favorites This adds the current page (tab) to your favorite.
 2 Switch Engine With this, you can switch engines between Trident / Gecko / Webkit on the fly for the current tab. Currently used engine is indicated with a check.
 3 Capture Page - Save the Whole page as image: This saves all the page, from top to bottom, in one image file (PNG).
- Save the page as image: This saves only the content of the current tab as a image file (PNG).
 4 Close This close only the current tab.
 5 Close All Tabs This closes all tabs.              
 6 Close All Other Tabs This closes all tabs but the current one.
 7 Advanced Operation You can choose to perfrom following operations,
- Close All Tabs on Right: This closes tabs that are on the right side of the current one.
- Close All Tabs on Left: This closes tabs that are on the left side of the current one.
 8 Reload This reloads the current tab with the latest information.
 9 Reload All Tabs This reloads all tabs with the latest information.
 10 Full Reload This goes to servers to get pages afresh without checking the cache.
 11 Auto Reload You can set an interval of auto refresh for the current tab. (eg. every 1 minute)
 12 Zoom You can make the scale of the current page larger or smaller.
 13 Text size You can easily change the font size of the current tab.
 14 Advanced Setting - Security: You can set security options of the current tab. (what types of file you'd allow, how to treat viewing history etc.)
- Add to Startup URL: This sets the current page as a Startup page. Startup pages is a page that opens automatically when starting Lunascape.
+ Block:
   - Add to Blocked URL: This blocks the current page to appear in the future. Access to this page will be automatically stopped.
   - Add to Blocked Title: This also blocks the current page, but by title. Access to this page will be automatically stopped.
   - Block Pop-up: Blocks current pop-ups
   - Block All Pop-ups: Blocks all pop-ups
- Open Tab with IE: This open the current page with Internet Explorer.
- Open New Window with IE: This launches Internet Explorer.
- Resolve Target Name: This sets whether to show a page that is defined as a target in the current page. A check means "Enabled".
- Restore form content: See the Form Contents Auto Backup functionality.
- New Tab Inherits Security: Newly opened tabs will inherit the current tab settings.
- Show Script Error Dialog: This shows a dialog when an error such as JavaScript error occurs. 
 15 Shift Lock This is one of many tab operation options. When clicking a link on the current page, the link page will open in a new tab.
 16 Tab Lock This is one of many tab operation options. When a new tab opens, it opens in background while the current tab remains active.
 17 Shift Lock + Tab Lock You can set shift Lock and Tab Lock simultaneously .