Customizing Settings

Customizing Settings

The Lunascape browser is probably the most customizable browser you've ever seen. It is so customizable that you can totally modify the looks and design of not only a browser skin but also each bars, icons, some of the commands, shortcut keys, mouse gestures, and right-click menus, etc. It's like... we cannot explain them all!




■Firefox Add-on

・Tuning Popup

・Getting Firefox Add-ons


・Using Firefox Add-ons

Privacy Settings:

・Managing Firefox Add-ons


・Importing Add-ons from the Existing Firefox

Proxy Settings:

■Internet Explorer Add-on


・Using Internet Explorer Toolbars

Rendering Engine:

・Importing Add-ons from the Internet Explorer

・Understanding the Current Engine in Use

■Lunascape Add-on

・Changing the Default Engine

・Getting Lunascape Add-ons

・Switching a Rendering Engine per Sites

・Using Lunascape Add-ons

・Associating a Site with a Particular Engine

・Developing Lunascape Add-ons

・Setting a Default Engine for Favorites




・Recovering Contents from Auto Backup

・Registering RSS feeds to Favorite




・Adding a Bookmarklet

・Adding a Script

・Creating a Bookmarklet

・Creating a Script


Design & Mode:

Shortcut Key:

・Changing Mode

・Assigning/Removing a Shortcut Key

・Changing Design

・Customizing Shortcut Key

・Creating Own Design


Screen Mode


・Full screen mode


・Large screen mode

・Viewing Favorites


・Adding New Favorites

Startup Page:

・Deleting Favorites 

・Adding Startup Page

・Importing Favorites and Data from Other Browsers 

・Deleting Startup Page



・Organizing Favorites


・Backing Up Favorites

・Opening New Tabs

・Registering RSS feeds to Favorites

・Customizing Tab Operation

・Importing Favorites from an HTML File

・Reloading Tabs

・Exporting Favorites to Other Browser

・Recovering Closed Tabs

・Restoring Favorites from a Backup File

・Closing Tabs


・Viewing Tabs

Highlighted Search:


・Customizing Highlighted Search


・How to add/delete search engines to/from Highlighted Search menu

・Hiding Ticker


・Adding Ticker

Home Page:

・Deleting Ticker


Mouse Gestures:


· Adding Mouse Gestures


· Modifying Mouse Gesture Settings