How can coupon discount reflected on the invoice amount?


Please check the balance and expiration date of your organization coupon from the "Payment Methods" tab under "Payments".

Please consider the following for expiration date.

If you have a coupon or have a track record of having a coupon, even if you currently have a zero balance, it will appear here. For coupons expiring by 10/31, the expiration will be at 24:00 GMT on 10/31.

Therefore, it can be used until 8:00AM Japan time on 11/1. Even if it is displayed as 11/1, it cannot be used after 8:00AM.


If the coupon is not applied to your bill in other cases, please contact us through the request form. Notes) Coupons are granted to the organization account.

If a coupon is not applied to an invoice amount, please make sure that the coupon has been granted to that organization account. Click here to see how to check the organization account. Reference link)


・Click here for the help “Organization account”